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Floating Stage Events
HarbourFun (Causeway Bay)

Located right across from the Cross Harbour Tunnel, this prime location is surrounded by stunning views of Victoria Harbour and with its iconic skyline. The venue can accommodate up to 3,500 visitors and has facilities including private rooftop dining area and public bathrooms, and it's also pet-friendly! 

The Venue

Hung Hing Road, Wan Chai
(Next to Hong Kong Royal Yacht Club)

Accessible from:

1) Wan Chai Ferry Pier (5-minute walk)

2) Exit A2 of Exhibition Centre MTR Station (5-minute walk)

3) Exit C of Causeway Bay MTR Station (9-minute walk via the Canal Road West Flyover)

Usable Area 26,000 sqm

3,500+ visitors

Zone A: 3,300 sqm for 3,000+ visitors

Zone B: 1,800 sqm for 500+ visitors

Zone C: 21,000 sqm for sea area

Victoria Waters harbourfun image 1 (Zone A-C).png
Victoria Waters Harbourfun Restaurant Rooftop.jpg

HarbourFun Restaurant 

(Zone A)

This centrally located space in Zone A is ideal to host a VIP area and media reception for your private event, with Victoria Harbour serving as the perfect backdrop.

Serves international cuisines featuring delicious Indian curry cuisine and fresh draft beer!

Habour Steps

(Zone B)

This set of harbour steps is Victoria Harbour's first stepped-down water edge design without a fence. The stair-like structure enables visitors to approach the water body closer, and is a perfect spectator stand for floating stage events against the backdrop of Victoria Harbour.

Victoria Waters 維港海上發展 - CWB Harbourfront-4.jpg
Victoria Waters Events - Bay Battles Prelim 7.jpg

VW70 Floating Stage

(Zone C)

VW70's modern and sleek design surely makes your event stand out. With a surface area of 14,000 sq.ft, it is the first floating stage in Hong Kong that can accommodate any size and type of event, including sports events, music concerts, product launches, fashion walks and all other creative events.

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