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Victoria Waters is a division of Coral Sea* with the focus in creative event planning at the Wan Chai Water Sports & Recreation Precinct and other seashore areas on both Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Peninsula areas.

The history of Coral Sea dates back to the 1960s. The early business of Coral Sea included passenger ship leasing, pick-up and drop-off of sightseeing tour groups and employees from outlying islands. Coral Sea was also contracted by the Correctional Services Department and Immigration Department for ship leasing services, such as serving foreign warships during their visits to Hong Kong. During the times of Chek Lap Kok International Airport, Coral Ferry was responsible for transporting the employees of major construction companies to and from Chek Lap Kok and Tuen Mun/Tsuen Wan.

*Coral Sea Ferry Service Company Limited (珊瑚海船務有限公司) - one of the four pier operators in Hong Kong managing the eastern ferry lines from Sai Wan Ho to Kwun Tong, and to Lei Yiu Mun.

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In the early 1990s

Coral Sea took over the licensed ferry services from Yau Ma Tei Ferry, and operated the Sam Ka Tsuen to Sai Wan Ho route. At present, Coral Sea operates 3 routes, providing ferry transportation services among Hong Kong, Kowloon and outlying islands. The first two routes are Hong Kong routes: Sai Wan Ho (Hong Kong Island) to Kwun Tong (Kowloon), Sai Wan Ho (Hong Kong Island) to Sam Ka Tsuen (Kowloon). The third line is the outer Hong Kong line: Sam Ka Tsuen  (Kowloon) to Tung Lung Island.

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Victoria Waters - Our History Coral Sea Ferry.jpg
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Continue the
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Victoria Waters

Since 2017, Coral Sea and the current management of Victoria Waters Limited have worked together to provide event management services for businesses, weddings, and other private festivities. Included in this are the services of “One Hong Kong” and other iconic local sail boats for corporate events advertising campaign for well-known companies like Dior, in addition to their use for wedding ceremonies, private parties, and nighttime tours at the splendid waters of the Victoria Harbor. In order to manage events for the vessels owned by Coral Sea and the Wan Chai Water Sports & Recreation Precinct, Victoria Waters was formally established in January 2022, while Coral Sea continued to focus on offering ferry transportation services for Hong Kong residents.