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Be the Spotlight in the City 

That Never Sleeps

If you're looking for something more creative than just a regular banner or billboard on a building, why not try something that's going to make people stop and take notice? 


How about a giant LED or banner sailing in  Victoria Harbour? It's a brand new concept in Hong Kong and magnificent enough to catch everyone's attention. Be the trendsetter!

Victoria Waters Barge LED Banner Ad - 1.jpg

Mega Display
up to 1220 sqm

Get your message delivered to everyone through a floating LED or banner that gives a total display area of up to 1,220 sqm in size!


This is an effective solution to extend the outreach to those that that cannot see the billboard at one particular building!

Victoria Waters Barge LED Banner Ad - 1.jpg
Victoria Waters Barge LED Banner Ad - 3.jpg
Victoria Waters Barge LED Banner Ad - 3.jpg

Set the Trend 
with Mega LED

Looking for a way to get your brand in front of the public eye? Check out our 3D LED screen on a floating barge!

We've got the tech to make your LED screen shine, no matter what time of day it is. We can change content on the fly so that you can be in the spotlight at all times, whether it's day or night. And with our floating barges, you can always be sure that your content will be seen by everyone who passes by!

Victoria Waters Barge LED Banner Ad - 1.jpg

Banner in the Sea

Our barge is the perfect place for your message to be seen: 70m long and 20m wide, it's a great size for any type of advertising campaign. You can choose your own sailing route.


We will make sure you get the exposure you need without breaking the bank — because hey, who doesn't love an affordable option?


Sailing Ad -
Be the Trendsetter! 

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